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Catch a Little Moonbeam with Kari
Kari Scott's voice permeates the soul with a rich, velvet smoothness, and her engaging lyrics resonate with both a nostalgic appeal and a refreshing contemporary take on gospel-tinged classic country. A mezzo-soprano with a timeless style, Kari and her songs continue to captivate audiences of all ages. Born in Iowa to Norwegian immigrant parents, Kari is a first-generation American citizen who has lived in Washington State since the age of nine. At the tender age of five, Kari "fell in love with western music" heard on their first radio which brought music into their home, opening up a whole new world for her and her family. Brought up on Strauss Waltzes and Victor Herbert, Kari has since developed a broad appreciation of music and derives inspiration from all genres, but her heart remains with classic country. She is also a gospel music fan who identifies with music's ability to transmit spirituality, emotion, and experience. Always excelling in school, Kari went on to pursue a career in nursing, married, and raised a family before she realized that her life's passion was music. She began to write music and perform her original material in venues large and small. Kari attributes a large part of her song writing success to her life experience. Surrounding herself with a strong network of creative people helped foster her own lyrical ingenuity expressed through poignant melodies in her signature classic country style. Kari's stunning collection of original, self-penned music and cover songs reflects her life experiences and journeys as an accomplished artist and songwriter. Her songs possess a unique yet universal appeal accompanied by catchy, memorable lyrics. She believes any great song should �speak to the listener in a very personal way," and her songs do just that: they spark insight and emotion deep within the listener. They are songs that will live forever. In the Beginning, Volume I and In the Beginning Volume II have recently been digitally re-mastered, and include favorites such as "I"ve Been Everywhere," "Morningtown Ride," and Kari's originals such as "If Only I" and "Catch a Little Moonbeam." Listen to Kari Scott's complete In the Beginning compilation at I Tunes.

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