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Welcome to Spring 2018

March  22,  2018   Welcome  to spring... The  spring flowers are in bloom now  so it is starting to feel like spring even through the rain...


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National Barndance and

     Yesterday PBS had a program on "The National Barndance and the Hayloft Gang".  I'm glad  someone had the foresight to film a lot  of that..And that the people put together the PBS program so we could hear some of these talented people again..One of the  talents was the  DeZurik Sisters....They also worked as  the "Cackle Sisters"..They had quite a yodeling style  and a long career...They were apparently the first women to be stars on both The National Barndance and The Grand Ole Opry...

Wayne Daniel wrote a nice article about The DeZurik Sisters on   hillbilly-music.com          If you are an old timey music fan, you will find this  an interesting article...

Labor Day Sept. 3, 2012 Country Radio Past

Was reminded  of some country radio back awhile...Back in the 1940's and 1950's we didn't have a lot of country music on the radio  here in the Puget Sound Area...KVI  was  the one that had  some ...  Sagebrush  Serenade  was on mid-day...At 5:30 pm was Chuckwagon Jamboree...Then at 10:30 pm until midnight came Ranch House Roundup...So we listened to whatever was played there...Harry Long  and Buck Ritchie were the main Dj's then.....When KAYO   got going on full time country, Buck and Harry went there.. And Bobby Wooten and Gary Vance joined them. I think that was in late 50's.   Kayo brought  entertainers in to play at  the Opera House after the Century 21 Fair ended in 1962..Also to Evergreen and Puyallup Fairs and some of the  club venues... There was more and more country music taking root  and expanding..  All of the older entertainers were helping to bring country music to the big venues and to TV...This was great for all of us who were really country music fans....Country Music..told stories of real life...

Hello Again

I am back on here..  Will try to do better now..  Please visit my  other site for  different blogs.....  kariscottmusic.blogspot.com

Happy Mothers' Day



Celtic Thunder has a new PBS  show on  now..."VOYAGE".....  This show has been on our  two  local  PBS  TV  stations  the past  two weeks... I have watched them all..  They seem to be able to come up with so many songs that if they weren't already our favorites soon  become favorites..  Their earlier  show  "HERITAGE"  was a real  favorite at our house...I was so surprised when  Paul and Damien sang

Love's Old Sweet Song (Just A Song At Twilight)..What a beautiful rendition...  That has long been  special to me...      If you haven't already  become a fan,  check the TV schedule for your local PBS station and watch  Celtic Thunder when next you see it.. If you like good music, good harmony  and the nice view,, You will probably become a fan also.   .........St. Patrick's Day is coming up so a good time for VOYAGE to be on TV since this is a group from Ireland.....

Welcome 2012

     Well, another New Year is with us..   2011 more than flew by..  I had  so many things in mind to do and I did get a good start on the list,  so I will continue with that for this new year.

Will be interesting to see how this fall's election turns out...  I have always quite freely written to my legislators and congressmen..  However, I haven't seen much improvement, maybe more of a backsliding...But, I keep voting..it is my privilege and responsibility..I keep hoping for changes and updating in government.

Happy New Year.

Liz Anderson

We just lost another  country singer and a prolific songwriter...Liz Anderson.. She wrote Merle Haggard's  All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers and The Fugitives..

She wrote for many other singers also....Liz was co-founder of  Nashville Songwriters Association International..  Our sympathy to her family..

My thanks to Loretta Lynn's Twitter and Billboard Magazine's  the 615 for bringing this to our attention.

Roger Williams

This last week we lost yet another...one of the greatest modern day pianists...Roger Williams....he was 87..   His  version of Autumn Leaves  in 1955  was  number  one on the Billboard  charts....  the only piano instrumental to attain that honor.   That remains the best selling piano record of all time with more than 2 million sold.     So, thank you, Roger, for all the good music.

Passing Too Quickly

In the last couple of weeks  we have lost three very prominent music people...

Wilma Lee Cooper  half of the duo  Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper  Stoney passed away in 1977..They did traditional,  old style country music.. Joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1957 and starred there for twenty years..

Johnny Wright was 97  at passing..  He and Jack Anglin were a duo for many years.  He and Kitty Wells, The Queen of Country Music were married for 74 years.  Grand Ole Opry members from 1951 on.  Johnny and Jack had such hits as  Ashes Of Love  and Poison Love..and so many more.

Jesse Dixon..gospel singer and songwriter..I really came to appreciate his talent when watching him on the Gaither Gospel TV programs..beautiful voice.. I am glad we will be able to see him on the Gaither programs  for a long time.

All of these older talents are leaving us at too fast a clip...  My thoughts and prayers are with the families.

My thanks to  Pure Country Music for keeping us aware of these passings as they are not always noted in the mainstream media....

Copyrights and Me

I thought it would be a good idea to  tell you , in case I haven't before,  that all of the songs I write are copyrighted... I usually do this through my publishing arm..Pillar Music.. Pillar is affiliated with BMI as a publisher.  I am affiliated as a writer..

As a writer, I believe you should formally  register your songs  by copyrighting them (Through Library of Congress)..It is a formal fixing of time.

The songs of Michael Travis West are also copyrighted through Pillar Music, BMI.

Michael is also registered with BMI as a writer...

If you have questions about licensing through BMI, SESAC or ASCAP  contact them and find out what they are all about.

Keep  on songwriting......

Self-Penned Songs

Just a reminder...On the  two cds  In The Beginning vol 1 and vol 2,  The songs I wrote are:    Volume 1

All Of Our Dreams....Catch A Little Moonbeam....What Lonliness Is....Meet Me In Ponderay....If Only I

Volume 2....See Me Through.... Soft Sand, Silver Stars....Still To Rock No More....Tailgater.... Tell Me Honey.... Wishing To Know.... Yes, I'm Just Looking....You Know How It Feels To Cry

Check them out on iTunes  and on this website   kariscottmusic.com

Maybe one of them will fit in with your next recording project.

Fear Of Singing In Public

     In a recent CMA  Close Up  (July, 2011),  article about The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), showcasing The Judds and Shania Twain, I was surprised to read that Shania had a fear of singing..  I can relate to that..  Through my early adult years I was afraid of singing by myself in public.   I knew that I had never had voice lessons and would compare myself to so many that I knew had.  I felt I was not good enough.

     When reel to reel tape recorders were popular we bought a Sony 530 .  What a wonderful machine!  It recorded you just the way you really sound.     That was the first time I had heard myself like that..I was surprised...  The 530 also allowed me to do harmonies and record them with myself.  This gave me a great deal of confidence knowing I could be so creative.

     As time went by, I gained confidence and decided that in my type of singing I could hold my own with most of the others in the same arena..  As I look back, I wish I could have realized that earlier, I might have made some different decisions along the way.   But, you do the best you can at the time with the knowledge you have at the time.   Except, you should always strive to learn more so you can make more qualified decisions if you are presented with similar situations later.





New site

Great new site...  www.thefashionablefeminist.com     A site  for women's issues, talents and accomplishments... Check it out...  The first  interviewee is Kari Scott.

Older Posts

If you are new to my blog here, I would like to welcome you.  As you read the blogs and come to the bottom it says more...so click on that if you will and read all of my entries back to the start... You may find something there that interests you.  On the side you will see Michael's name  and my name and cd..If you click on either of these you will go to either iTunes or cdbaby to listen to our cds....Check out my other site   www.kariscottmusic.blogspot.com    Thanks for reading and listening...Have a good day...

Country Music Hall Of Fame

Watched GAC TV Master Series for Country Music Hall Of Fame programs..  Bill Anderson  inducted  writer Bobby Braddock.  George Jones inducted  Jean Shephard.  Dolly Parton inducted  Reba McEntire..  All  are very deserving of the honor. Bill Cody interviewed the three after the main program was over.  Cody asked if he knew how many of his songs had been recorded by George Jones...Braddock replied  that George had recorded  29 of his songs.    He Stopped Loving Her Today is  one of the all time country greats..  So to all three, Congratulations...May the years  ahead  be very good to you...

Daniel O'Donnell

When Daniel O'Donnell first came on PBS, I became a fan.. Have listened to all of his PBS programs.  Also bought some cds of his.  He has an easy way of singing a song...I especially enjoyed all of the American country-western songs that he did.  Check  his songs out on youtube..Then pick up some cds or downloads for good, easy-listening music.

Chocolate Cookies


Check out my old Chocolate cookie recipe on www.kariscottmusic.blogspot.com

  They are called Chocolate Sandwich Dreams.  They are flat and you can put frosting in between two of them if you like...I sometimes did put  mint frosting between...ummm good...  Enjoy...


Check out Lemon Pie Recipe

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Please visit   sandramarie53.blogspot.com   to read about her recent bout with a small spot on her cheek  that turned out to be cancer and left her with  a long scar on her cheek...Everyone should have a yearly checkup by a dermatologist...That innocent looking spot may not be so innocent......

Original Songs by Kari Scott

All Of Our Dreams ....   Catch A Little Moonbeam....   What Lonliness Is....

If Only I....  Meet Me In Ponderay....  See Me Through....  Tailgater....

Soft Sand, Silver Stars....  Still To Rock No More....  Tell Me Honey....

Wishing To Know....   Yes, I'm Just Looking....  You Know How It Feels To Cry

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Mothers Day

Happy  Mothers  Day to all Mothers everywhere..May all blessings be yours..

Older Country Music

There are times when I start thinking about a song from the past and realize I never did get a copy while it was popular.  So I start looking for the record or now it is cds.  If I don't see it at a local store  I fall back on catalogs or online..  For country,  Ernest Tubb Record Shop  or  Heartland Music  or Pure Country Music.com (Catalog Music Company), or Collector's Choice  which also has other types of music...  It is so handy to either go online or  call the catalog or mail in an order..  Whichever suits you   So next time you are looking for a song or cd, check out one of the above..Thanks for listening.

My Second Blog

Please visit my other Blog at   kariscottmusic.blogspot.com      I try to have  different blogs on each site, for the most part....So, thanks for listening.

Music In General

When a person watches  programs such as American Idol, I am always amazed at the talent out there..  Some of it is way out there  and you wonder  why they thought they could sing...Then one comes along and out pours this glorious voice..   As each  series comes along I think maybe I will just skip it..  But then I get started watching and have to  stay until the last sing off. 

The group, Celtic Thunder, came out recently with a new program, Heritage..  I have so enjoyed that.  What a surprise when  they sang Love's Old Sweet Song...  That song has been around forever it seems and is just as beautiful "as in days of yore."  Anyway, when you see Celtic Thunder  scheduled for  your PBS  TV station, tune them in and listen to a very pleasant program.

If you have always wanted to play a musical instrument, now is the time to start.  Or, if you played in the band in high school, pick up that old instrument and re-aquaint yourself with it.  Might surprise you what you remember.

So, happy music-ing, either playing, singing or listening.  Check out my other blog ..  kariscottmusic.blogspot.com      New blog there too.


New Projects

When you are thinking about a new recording project it is nice to  look at old gems in the music field...However, once in awhile one needs to explore new material... Some of us do write songs, some are more prolific than others.....But if you do not write your own material, look for new writers.....Start with some of the local clubs and listen to  what these artists do......On this site is an artist, Michael Travis West who has a cd with  all original songs written by him..Michael is a BMI writer with the BMI publisher, Pillar Music.  Click on his link on the first page of this site..on cdbaby...  Or, on iTunes....Thanks for listening..

Other Blog Spot

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Old Funny Songs

Every once in awhile an old song comes to mind.. Sometimes they are  the funny ones..Maybe some of you will remember  one of these...Grandma's Lye Soap.....

Does The Spearmint Lose Its Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight? .......Give Me  Forty Acres And I'll Turn This Rig Around.......I'm My Own Grandpa.......Backin' All The Way To Birmingham......Life Gets Teejus.......Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens.....Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear....Boy Named Sue...  I'm sure as the days go by I will think of  more...Some time back there was a radio program on , on Sunday evenings,  Music By Moskowitz....His collection of  songs was something else..Many is the evening when I would listen and  laugh through a good share of the songs...A lot of the songs were played, way back when, on main stream radio...Those were the good old days...

Another thought on songwriting


A  short time earlier this afternoon  I was watching a Gaither hour  about Johnny Cash..  I was reminded of an article   I read some years ago where Johnny was interviewed about songwriting...In it he said he went by the K I S S  theory.."Keep it simple stupid"......I liked that and still do...music, whether pop, rock or country should be simple enough that the average person listening to the music can shortly sing along or chord along on piano, guitar, etc.. That is because most people do not have a degree in musicology  but they like to sing or play along with the music.  If a song is too complicated  they may listen to it a few times but it doesn't become one of their favorites mainly because it is too complicated somehow..  So, as you go on with your songwriting, remember the KISS  theory. It seemed to work well for Johnny Cash and for so many other writers too.

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     Every once in awhile  I receive  catalogs selling music cds and dvds...I always look through the catalogs to see if there is anything that  I "can't live without."  I am reminded , with each catalog, of all of the music artists over the years, and, all of yhe ones we have lost..

     Programs like American Idol and Nashville Star have given people a chance at the big time without having to "pay their dues"  the way  they used to have to, if indeed they ever did "make the big time."     But sometimes I wonder if the older artists learned more about life travelling around by car  and later by bus, to entertain all of us.    When you hear some of the songs that were written "way back"  you can hear that these songs  came from life's experiences and from the very soul...

So, on your music journey in life, don't overlook the older music and the  artists that wrote and lived that music.......Vaya Con Dios..


Quiet  Shoes...the  movie   is now available  ON  DEMAND  on  CLICK    in the Tacoma,  WA   area....     Check it out...   My cut of   Have  You Ever  Been Lonely  was used...  They also used two songs I wrote:  Yes, I'm Just Looking   and   Meet Me In Ponderay  (written with  Harvey  V. Thomas).

So, if you are in the area  of CLICK   check it out...you will enjoy it....

Other Blog

Please visit my other blog      www.kariscottmusic.blogspot.com    

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My Songs

Just a reminder that  some of the songs I have written or co-written are on my two cds...In The Beginning Vol 1  and Vol 2

All Of Our Dreams          Catch A Little Moonbeam         If Only I

What Lonliness Is           Meet Me In Ponderay         See Me Through

Soft Sand, Silver Stars        Still To Rock No More       Tailgater

Tell Me Honey         Wishing To Know         Yes, I'm Just Looking

You Know How It Feels To Cry

These songs are also available for your next recording project...... Listen to them and think  about what your interpretation would be.

Thanks for listening...

Catch A Little Moonbeam

Happy New Year....New beginnings  I guess you could say.  I need to get out some of my partly written songs and see if anything moves me so I can finish some of them....Some years back when I wrote Catch A Little Moonbeam, rock and roll music was  going strong... I wondered how  hard could it really be to write a rock song...So I sat down and started in...As each line went down on paper, I became aware that I was not anywhere near rock and roll..So I let the song go where it wanted to and lo and behold...there was Catch A Little Moonbeam  but more like maybe a lullabye...I hope you enjoy it when you go to the music site on here  and listen to Catch A Little Moonbeam....   Take time too, to go back to some of your unfinished projects  and give them another look...Maybe one or more will reach out to you with  some new  ideas and you can finish the project and start another.....May the New Year be good to you...


     Christmas is just a  few days away now...I always like it when the radio stations play Christmas music all day long..Of course I tune in and listen..   There are all of the songs we used to sing in Sunday School, church and school choirs...like old friends....   Then there are all of the other Christmas songs like Frosty The Snowman;  Here Comes Santa Claus;  Up On The Housetop;  Blue Christmas;  The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire etc);  Silver Bells;  I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus; Santa Baby;  Jingle Bell Rock;  Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree;  Merry Christmas Darling and so many more.......   Merry Christmas Darling was a song  we learned and sang  when i was in the ninth grade  choir.  Imagine my surprise when the Carpenters came out with it...The original was written by Frank  M.  Pooler...When the Carpenters were students at UCLA, their music professor was the same Frank Pooler... Richard "modernized" the melody and it took off...Now it is one of the standards that is played during radio Christmas music...   I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Pooler one year at the local community college hosting of the Community College Choral Festival..He was one of the judges...We talked briefly about Merry Christmas Darling.....Interesting how things happen in a lifetime...    

     May the Blessings  of Christmas be with you now and through the New Year..     


Music Memories

     I just came from a blog   sandramarie53.blogspot.com   There was a picture of one of my  first records, Have You Ever Been Lonely b/w Snowbird...Brought back a lot of memories....I sang with Harvey for quite some time  on Friday and Saturday nights.... The above two songs were  requested many times each night...One night  I counted the number  of times Snowbird was requested..seven ..I made note of this to the one who requested it..She replied that she couldn't ask Anne Murray to sing it again but she could ask us..So after that we just sang whatever the people requested no matter how many times requested in an evening.  I first met Harvey when we were coming back from skiing..Our children wanted to stop for a hamburger so we pulled in to a little restaurant and ordered up..My husband and I wandered over to the other end of a big room to see where all the music was coming from..There sat Harvey and his "Infernal Music Machine"   He saw us standing there and asked if I could sing..I told him I could sing a little..So he said to come on up and asked if I knew  several different songs..I told him which ones and he started to play.  So I started singing..He played a triple neck guitar i.e. six string, twelve string and I think the other was an eight string  along with a foot bass and an automatic drummer... Really keeps you on your toes  to keep time..if you missed a beat you just waited and came in somewhere else..It only took me a couple of songs to know where I stood..  Met so many nice people going around to different places singing...private parties and clubs for weddings, birthdays , etc.  When we recorded Meet Me In Ponderay, (on home page here click on link and listen to it), all of the music was recorded by Harvey all at the same time, no dubbing..For me, I sang the melody, went back and did one harmony, then back and sang a second harmony.  I called it the" Kari Trio..Me, Myself and I."      Meet Me and Have You Ever were both recorded at Wiley Studio in Tacoma, WA  with Bill Wiley at the console on a two track machine....We had a lot of fun doing the dubbing on the tracks.   It is so much easier now with computers and lots of tracks to work with......The studios gradually moved up to four track, then eight and on up...As I wrote once in a song, "Memories are wonderful things, Locked in a  treasury fold, I wandered there all alone then Through my sweet memories gold...Yesterday's flowers were sweet, Filled with the nectar of youth,  Held in the sweetest bouquet there..In a dear innocent truth."(copyright 1969..renewed 1997)    There is my trip down memory lane for today...

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day....It used to be called Armistice Day because the First World War ended  that is, the armistice was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month...After all of the wars since they decided to call it Veterans Day to honor all veterans  of all the wars...So, thank you  to  all of the  veterans  and to all who serve today in the Armed Forces...We appreciate  every one of you..

Background of a Song

Many times people ask songwriters why they wrote  a certain song or why they wrote it the way they did or how they got the idea.....Well, there are as many answers to that as there are songs and songwriters....A person can sit in a public place watching people and get so many ideas...Or, just looking out a window at whatever is there or having an emotional thing happen in your life or a friend's life...  I wrote Still To Rock No More  after My Dad  died...I was feeling down one day thinking about everything and I thought, "You Know..Mamas and Daddys are the hands that rock the cradle...I should write about that."   Well, I sat down at the piano and wrote down when the hand that rocks the cradle is still to rock no more...I intended to write about my Dad... The melody had come with the phrase...many times that is what happens for me...But as I  wrote all of that down, the rest came at a good clip so I had to write fast to keep up...I reviewed the first verse and as I finished that, the second verse started flowing...  When I had finished, I left it on the piano for a few days before I went back to it...I finally picked it up again and put chords to it and sang it.. over again..over again  to really get the feel of it..  When I finally figured I had said what I needed to say in the way I needed to say it , I called it quits and sent off the copyright and recorded it...People say you should write and re-write a song...don't be satisfied with your first draft...But sometimes a song comes along that needs to be left alone when you finish it..As I just said,  you say what you have to say in the way you have to say it at the time..  Every time I listen to or sing that song  Still To Rock No More  I am satisfied  that I did it  the way I should have...However..instead of it being about my Dad or Mamas and Daddys, it was a Mama song..Sometimes a song just takes off and you don't really have control over it...Don't worry about it..maybe that is the way it is meant to be...Happy songwriting...

Opal..The Movie

Just heard that  Opal  The Movie   is out now...Trailers can be seen on Facebook and You Tube...This is the story of Opal Whiteley who grew up in lumber towns in Oregon..She travelled to India, to England and more.. Was quite a controversial figure back then and still is..  Check out these trailers...Many books have been written about her..stage plays and one woman shows about her also..One of the last books I am familiar with is...Play Of Colors...by Germaine Cross...  An interesting  woman for her time and ours....

My Songs

 All Of Our Dreams

Catch A Little Moonbeam            What Lonliness Is        If Only I

Meet Me In Ponderay         See Me Through      Soft Sand, Silver Stars

Still To Rock No More       Tailgater      Tell Me Honey         Wishing To Know

Yes, I'm Just Looking        You Know How It Feels To Cry

A Sweeter Land Is Glowin'       Come Home, Dear Child

One Is Nearer God's Heart       No Old-fashioned Waltzes

We'll Walk Hand In Hand          Memory's Gold

These are songs I have written by myself or with co-writers.........The last six (6)

are  going to be on an upcoming cd  I am working on...In other words, it is a work in progress...I like to think that I too, am a work in progress... These songs are available for your next  recording, etc., project...  Have a good day..Kari Scott

Another One

Today  I read about Hank Cochran passing away...He was 74...He wrote Make The World Go Away;  He's Got You;  Don't You Ever Get  Tired Of Hurtin' Me;  That's All That Matters To Me;  I Want To Go With You  and many more...Also co-wrote  I  Fall To Pieces;  Set 'Em Up Joe;  Ocean Front Property   and many  more.   Such talent   that so many of these older artists have and had  brought country and western music out in front of the public...They gave us so many beautiful and meaningful songs...even funny songs... A great sense of humor was  a part of most of these artists... Hank Cochran; Hank Snow;  Jimmy Dean;  Jimmy Wakely;  Gene Autry;  Sons of The Pioneers;  Roy Rogers;  Mac Wiseman;  Lulubelle and Scotty;  Patsy Montana;   Riders Of the Purple Sage...the list goes on and on...We should thank all of these country-western artists and writers who paved the way, every time we hear  their music..I know I do.

Random Thoughts

Today is the Fourth of July...Being first generation American born, I am so thankful to have been born here in the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.  Thank you to all of the ones who have fought to give us that freedom and help us to keep it...I am forever  grateful to you....I proudly fly  our flag every day...On May 17th  I also raise the Norwegian Flag to honor my heritage...

Quiet Shoes..the Movie   had its premiere on June 19th.. That was very exciting to be there and feel the excitement  in the air  from all who attended...Hearing my songs coming from the silver screen and the big sound was quite emotional to me...Do watch for Quiet Shoes the Movie when it comes to a theater near you...You will  enjoy this indie movie...

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Thanks for visiting  my site here......Hope the summer is being good to you wherever you are in this world....My best to you...Kari

Jimmy Dean

Well, another one is gone....Jimmy Dean  passed away June 14, 2010...He was born in 1928....So he had a long career...  Big Bad John  really put him on the map...I always enjoyed his singing...One song  that to me was special was when he sang  To A Sleeping Beauty...If you can find a copy or request it on the radio,listen closely to it...So,  farewell, Jimmy Dean..

News and Views

Quiet Shoes...the Movie  preniered Saturday night, June 19th, at the Rialto Theater in Tacoma, WA....A delightful movie...Thanks to Isaac Olsen and Tim Olsen for using parts of  two of my songs:  You Know How It Feels To Cry  and Meet Me In Ponderay (co-written with Harvey Thomas)....Nice to see that they are revitalizing some  of the old theaters (the Rialto built in late 1800's)...

Some of the blogspots  I visit are:   www.playgrump.net    www.kristinagundersen.blogspot.com    Ramblings      www.sandramarie53.blogspot.com      Simple Living      www.nwgardens.blogspot.com      gardening    www.facescrub.net

And of course this, my new website...You will find , on this website, an easy link to my music on iTunes and cdbaby......Also an easy link to West Country  the cd by Michael Travis West.....

Today is the first day of summer...So far, June has felt more like early spring or fall...the roses have had so much damp weather that they are  partly molding on the bush before they get to full bloom  and this  first blooming  usually has the biggest, nicest blooms...  Oh well, it could be worse....Here in Puget Sound country we usually just take the weather the way it comes  and always carry an umbrella and a jacket....The two ladies were talking and the one asked what people do in the summer in Seattle...The second lady said, " If it comes on a Sunday, we go on a picnic."      Well, anyway...Have a good day....                           

World Premiere of Quiet Shoes the Movie

The World Premiere  of Quiet Shoes  will be shown on Saturday, June 19, 2010  at  7pm...The Rialto Theater in Tacoma, WA.   Check it out on my space  Quiet Shoes the Movie....Tickets on sale now at  the Grand Cinema  and at    www.schnelluloid.com         I am really looking forward  to seeing this movie....two of my songs  will be used in the film....So, needless to say, I am excited about this...  So thanks to Isaac Olsen  for including my music.....Hope to see you there.

Welcome Michael Travis West To My Blog

I am welcoming Michael to my website...with  his cd...West Country...all songs on this cd are written by Michael..  He has been  on the music scene  for many years singing, writing and performing...  He writes  mainly in the country  genre  sometimes leaning to gospel..  So click on West Country and listen to Michael's  great songs...   If anyone is looking for songs  for a recording project,  please give Michael's songs an extra listen.......Thanks for listening....